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Almond pudding

almond pudding

The recipe for making Almond Pudding. Ingredients: Milk – 1 litre Sugar -4 tbspn Condunsed milk – 3 tbspn China grass -10 gm Almond – 1 cup Fresh Cream – 2 tbspn Preparation: Soak almond in water about 15 minutes, remove the skin and grind it with some milk. Keep it aside. Melt china grass …

How to make chicken doughnut/chicken donut

chicken doughnut

Chicken doughnut is a delicious meaty and crispy snack. Everyone will love this aromatic, meaty, crispy and salty chicken doughnuts. This Chicken doughnut is a special taste of doughnut with chicken and potato. This Chicken doughnut made by minced chicken and smashed potato. It is very simple and easy recipe to make at home. Goes well with …

How to make Russsian cutlet/Chicken cutlet

Russian cutlet

How to make Russsian cutlet/Chicken cutlet Russian cutlet is a delicious cutlet, made with chicken and adding some vegetable. It is simple and easy to make. We can serve it as an evening snack, serve it to our children and to our guest. This is a nutritious snack as it has plenty of vegetables included. …